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Our Process


The Hi-Hard Corporation method of heat treatment utilizes technology which enables us to offer a final case depth up to 3/8″ per side. This is achieved by heating a low carbon alloy steel in a controlled gaseous atmosphere capable of providing additional carbon to the surface of the steel and subsequent diffusion of carbon into the steel. Once the desired case depth has been achieved the steel is prepared for quenching.


The Quenching action transforms austenite to martensite, thus producing the highest hardness and strength values attainable. After the roll has been quenched it is immediately tempered to relax the stresses incurred during the quenching operation. This process will produce an effective case depth up to 3/8″ per side and hardness levels up to 65 Rc. The case hardening is achieved while at the same time maintaining a soft ductile core having improved properties over the original material.

CNC & Conventional Machining

Hi-Hard Corporation is equipped with the machinery to manufacture your roll requirements. Our CNC, Turret Lathes, and Cylindrical Grinders offer a wide range of roll size capacity.

Metal Fabrication & MIG, TIG & Stick Welding Services 

Our fabrication department is equipped with MIG/Submerged Arc/and Stick welding capabilities and our Horizontal and Vertical Presses for Assembly, Disassembly, and Straightening.

Dynamic Balancing 

Hi-Hard Corporation is equipped to dynamic balance your roll to ISO balance quality grade specifications. We dynamically balance new and reconditioned rolls.

Inspection Services

We provide complete inspection reports for both the As-Received Condition and After Reconditioning with all rolls. We also provide non-destructive testing, including hardness, magnetic particle, and dye pentrant.

Custom Packaging Services 

 We protect our rolls for shipping and storage to prevent damage. Threaded journals are shipped with lock nuts to ensure accuracy of fit, protection, and for customer use at assembly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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